UNIX Cluster

UNIX Cluster

The ITS UNIX Cluster is a collection of remote access machines that support teaching and research initiatives at Penn State. All systems use an Access Account for authentication and provide access to users’ respective PASS space.

The RS6KLAB cluster is a collection of IBM B80s, each with 4GB of RAM. The hostname is rs6klab.aset.psu.edu.

Service Rates

As UNIX relies on PASS space, users are required to have a valid, full Access Account. Users receive up to 10GB of free PASS space, with additional storage space available at $0.07/GB/month.

A UNIX Cluster home directory is stored in the user’s PASS home folder.

Obtaining Access

UNIX Accounts may be obtained for research or instructional purposes by faculty, staff, and students. Visit the ITS Accounts Services Office Web site for information.  The Penn State Access Account user ID and password pair will grant you access to the remote UNIX systems.  No further registration is necessary after having a valid, full Access Account.

Access to these systems is via a Secure Shell (SSH) version 2 client. Current SSH clients are found by visiting https://downloads.its.psu.edu.

Help & Support

IT Service Desk
204 Wagner Building
W130 Pattee Library