Penn State Access Account Storage Space (PASS)

Penn State Access Account Storage Space (PASS)

Universally-accessible disk space and file storage space is available for all Penn Staters, departments, and courses.

Upon receipt of an Access Account, all students, faculty, and staff are allocated 500 MB of online storage space, which can be increased via the ITS Secure Server’s Directory Quota utility.

PASS serves as one of three core elements of Penn State’s information technology infrastructure, working in concert with the University’s central authentication and authorization standards.

MIT’s Kerberos v5 network authentication protocol is relied on for central authentication, while LDAP, a client-server protocol for accessing and standardizing directory information, is used for central authorization. LDAP provides the technology needed to restrict access to PASS services through the use of groups and roles.

Departmental PASS

Colleges, departments, and other official University units have multiple options for using PASS space. Non-web storage space can be used as a secure intra-department place for a group’s documents, by restricting the amount of access to the information. Another option allows hosting of the departments website, which is public facing.

Web space can be purchased for a monthly fee, with a minimum of 15GB per department or group.

Departmental PASS Space must be requested by filling out the ITS For-fee Services Request Form. To do so, select “Departmental Web/Disk Space” from the “Create New Service” section of the form.

The department’s directory name may also be selected on the application form. The URL will then appear as something similar to: where dept_name is the portion named chosen on the form.

Service Rates

Rates for storage space is as follows:

  • Personal – Up to 10GB free (additional space available at $0.07/GB/month).
    • Includes personal web space and UNIX home directory, when activated by user.
    • Users must submit petition for additional space greater than 100GB
  • Clubs – First 10GB free (additional space available at $0.07/GB/month).
  • Department – Space is available for $0.07/GB/month (Minimum of 15GB)
    • Deparments have two options for PASS usage (non-public storage or storage related to department’s website)
    • A petition must be submitted for space exceeding 500GB
  • Course Online Account (COLA) – Free up to 100GB.
    • A petition must be submitted for space exceeding 100GB

Note: Additional space is allocated on the basis of storage availability. An ITS Charge Account is required before purchasing additional storage. Users must submit a completed ITS For-Fee Form in order to obtain an ITS Charge Account.

Documentation and Resources

ITS For-Fee Service Request Form

Help and Support

ITS Computer Accounts Office
Phone: 814-865-4772
Office: 204 Wagner Building