Generalized Interface (GI)

Generalized Interface (GI)

GI enables developers throughout the University to use a variety of programming languages to design web applications that perform business functions using enterprise data hosted by AIS. Via a standard procedure call, the GI facilitates the exchange of information between departmental systems and central AIS databases, using the Interface as a “bridge” to enterprise data. The GI also serves as a “repository” for available enterprise Web services.

For GI request, you may submit a request through Service Now.

Accessing GI Tools

If you have a Penn State Access Account ID and password, then you may access the GI Management System and GI Tools Application.

The GI Management System is used for adding a new GI application and web services to the GI Test environment. It is also used for looking up information about an existing GI application and a list of web services that the application uses.

The Generalized Interface Tools Applications provides developers with access to service APIs, logs, and more. Use this tool for looking up the input/output data elements for the service API.

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