Electronic Document Distribution System (eDDS)

Electronic Document Distribution System (eDDS)

eDDS is a tool that enables users to access and view reports through the Web. Reports can be viewed with a Web browser, Adobe Acrobat, text editor, or a word processor and can be saved, edited, or printed locally. Benefits include lower paper costs, less paper use, reduction in manual distribution of reports, and quicker distribution.

If you’ve already obtained access, you may login to eDDS.

Obtaining Access

In order to obtain access to eDDS, you must contact your Access and Security Representative (ASR) and indicate which reports you need access to.

At that point:

  • The ASR requests access from the appropriate Report Steward(s) for approval. If a user needs access to reports that fall under multiple domains, then the ASR will need to get approval from all the appropriate Report Stewards (preferably via email).
  • Once the approvals are received, the ASR can then request for the user to be given access to eDDS from the ESS-IT Service Desk. Attach the Report Steward’s approval with the request. Please also include the following user information in the request:
    • First name
    • Middle initial
    • Last name
    • Penn State Access Account ID
    • Penn State email address
    • Phone number
    • A list of reports for which access is being requested
  • The ASR and the user will be notified when access is granted. If the user is new, then instructions will be provided via e-mail describing how they obtain an initial eDDS password from AIS.

Documentation & Resources

Developer Help


V10 Online Training

V11 User Guide

Request Fulfillment User Guide

Help & Support

For a Report Definition and questions, please submit a request through Service Now.

For access requests, please contact Support:

E-mail: ais-support@psu.edu
Phone: (814) 863-2276
Office: 204 Wagner Building