Optical Image Technology, Inc. Software

Penn State has purchased a Global Enterprise site license for Optical Image Technology, Inc’s (OIT) suite of products. Because the software is covered under a site license, there is no cost to individual departments for copies of the OIT software. The suite of OIT software products includes DocFinity Core Products and DocFinity Add On Modules, as described by OIT below.

DocFinity Core Products – Penn State’s site license includes all Core Products.

  • Indexing – Offers a comprehensive feature set that can be configured to go beyond basic field entry to provide dynamic validation and automated indexing functionality. It can also be configured with datasources to pull associated data from third party applications.
  • Scanning – Converts paper documents to digital files as single or multi page images, simplex or duplex, color or black and white.
  • Viewing – Provides instantaneous, onscreen visibility of your documents. Also offers view as PDF option and full annotation capabilities.
  • Searching – Enables keyword, full text, drill down foldering, and checklist searches, as well as combinations of each to provide unlimited simple and complex searching possibilities.
  • Import – Includes object, index, and email importers that let you automate the import of virtually any file type directly into the system or a workflow process, even from other document management systems.
  • Administration – Gives you complete control over access, task assignment and monitoring, load balancing, and security from a single, intuitive interface.

DocFinity Add On Modules – Penn State’s site license includes the following Add On Modules; however, the specific modules noted have limited license capability and may be restricted for use.

  • BPM/Workflow – Allows you to standardize and expedite processes by pushing and pulling data and/or files – from email, voicemail, faxes, admin systems, and more – to people and/or systems.
  • eForms – Enables users to design simple and complex electronic forms. It also enables forms to automatically trigger new workflow processes upon submission – and to be integrated into existing websites, portals, or any other system and software investments.
  • COLD/ERM – Takes text reports—typically from a mainframe—and breaks them up into smaller documents, indexing them using the information in the report for rapid, focused retrieval of information for those who need it. COLD/ERM is extensible to support virtually any type of print stream.
  • Enterprise Search (1 individual license) – Queries the repository for text matches in non-text file formats such as PDF, TIFF, HTML, and JPEG. Locates structured and unstructured data contained in files and other documents — and combines keyword and full-text searching.
  • Print To DocFinity – Indexes documents into the DocFinity repository from their native applications by selecting DocFinity PDF Printer as the printer. The PDF copy then opens so you can provide indexing metadata according to a pre-selected indexing scheme.
  • Fax Integration – Connects DocFinity with electronic fax servers such as RightFax or to provide outgoing faxing capabilities.
  • Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) – Automates file back-up and the movement of records from expensive fast storage to more cost-effective, long-term storage options.
  • DocFinity Exporter (2 individual licenses) – Takes user-defined collections of documents and extracts the files and associated database records that identify those documents. The extracted content – written to the network folder or to the CD/DVD drive of choice – then can be used to transfer document collections reliably to third parties and/or other systems.