Domain Name System (DNS)

Domain Name System (DNS)

DNS is a server mechanism used to map, or equate, machine names to IP addresses. The tool is used for translating names of network-attached computers and services into reachable network addresses. For instance, DNS translates a computer name into a numeric IP address, such as into, when connecting to a service on the Internet.

Enterprise Networking & Communication Services (ENCS) is the authoritative source for the DNS domain and governs all authoritative DNS servers for the University. ENCS delegates sub-domain control to other departments at Penn State.

While ENCS is responsible for the DNS domain, caching DNS servers are maintained by multiple departments on campus. AIS maintains the ( server.

For a complete list of caching DNS servers, visit

AIS is also responsible for authoritative DNS servers for several sub-domains at Penn State, such as and, among others. Sub-domains supported by AIS are served through: – – –

Changes to sub-domains maintained by AIS must be made through an RFS ticket or by contacting

For more information regarding DNS policies and procedures, please refer to the DNS KnowledgeBase page on ServiceNow.

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