Database Administration

Database Administration

Database Administration – Enterprise Systems (DBA-ES), which operates within Administrative Information Services (AIS), manages the software and procedures that ensure the availability, reliability, and recoverability of all corporate data supporting the ISIS, IBIS, and ADIS systems. This includes not only database administration but also data documentation, programming language, TP Monitor, and supporting functions.

DBA-ES manages Penn State’s enterprise data from its conception to its testing and from its production implementation to, if needed, its recoverability in the event of a catastrophe. Penn State functions each day with the assurance that its business-critical data will be there.

Mission Statement

The Database Administration – Enterprise Systems group (DBA-ES) defines its mission as ensuring the secure collection and storage of the University’s mission-critical, corporate data; making data available to the University community on a secure, “need-to-know” basis; restoring all databases, while retaining full data integrity to alternate systems in the event of a disaster or catastrophe; and managing all databases and related systems using the most current software and best practices in a secure, conservative manner to deliver these services to the university.

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