Batch Processing

Batch Processing

Batch processing is a service provided by Administrative Information Services (AIS) Production Control. Production Control serves to facilitate three key elements of work which interface with Enterprise Systems:

Production Control – Coordinates implementation and performs first-level troubleshooting of batch processes that meet Administrative Information Services (AIS) standards by moving new or updated batch processes from test status to production status when accompanied by an approved change request from development offices. Additionally, Production Control also serves to coordinate the removal of batch processes and associated information from the system when accompanied by an approved change request from the owner or steward of the batch process.

Production Scheduling – Establishes a frequency for batch process execution based on requirements provided by Production Control and documented within an approved batch process implementation request.

Production Monitoring – Ensures that batch processes are run on the schedule of submission to Enterprise Systems and reports to Production Control when batch processes do not meet scheduled run times or when they fail to run.

Mission: Ensure Data and System Integrity

Production Control’s mission is to ensure data and system integrity based on effective system monitoring, production documentation, and adjustment to workload needs. Production Control is responsible for coordinating requested changes, monitoring production systems, reporting issues, and enforcing documented standards for all production processes. Production Control will provide first-level support for batch process problem diagnosis and retain the ownership of batch process problems until resolution.


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