About Us

Administrative Information Services (AIS) serves as the central University resource responsible for supporting administrative information systems. As a unit of Information Technology Services (ITS), AIS participates in the development, maintenance, and secure operation of the state-of-the-art applications using centralized student, business, and alumni databases. AIS provides the University with the tools needed to run its business, including conducting commerce, providing customer service, and supporting research, teaching, and outreach.

AIS offers a variety of services, such as creating and maintaining databases that house administrative information, developing applications that allow University faculty and staff to have access to this information in a secure, electronic fashion, and providing tools and training to our community developers.

Vision Statement

We will support our University’s mission by provisioning and maintaining modern, secure, and reliable enterprise IT services through the application of proven, discipline-specific knowledge and engineering excellence.

Mission Statement

We provision and maintain enterprise IT services through the appropriate deployment of vendor (software-as-a-service and on-premise), open-source, in-house developed, and hybrid solutions. We promote and adopt IT industry service and technical standards and best practices, including those related to accessibility; we actively engage our partners/customers, vendors, standard-setting organizations, open-source communities, and communities of practice.