UCS Tip – Creating Appointments with the Mini Calendar

In this tip for using the University Collaboration Suite (UCS), we will show you a few methods for creating appointments using the mini calendar within UCS. The mini calendar is located at the lower left-hand corner of the screen within UCS.

Method 1: QuickAdd

  1. In UCS, right-click on a day in the mini calendar.
  2. Click on New Appointment.
  3. You will now see the standard QuickAdd Appointment window.

Method 2: Add appointment via e-mail message

  1. In UCS, drag an e-mail message to a day on the mini calendar.
  2. A dialog box will appear asking you if you want to add the sender and other recipients of the e-mail message to your appointment. If you want to create a meeting invitation using the sender and recipients of the e-mail, you can choose to add them by clicking Yes. Otherwise, click No and the sender and recipients will not be added to the meeting invite.
  3. The subject line of the e-mail becomes the title of the appointment and the body of the e-mail is displayed in the notes pane. You can edit these as necessary.
  4. Add any additional information, such as a meeting location, additional attendees, time for the meeting, etc.

This is very helpful if there has been an e-mail conversation back and forth about a particular subject.

We hope you found this tip helpful! Stay tuned for our next tip on using UCS. If you have an idea for a tip on using UCS, please feel free to e-mail the AIS Webmaster.