UCS Tip – Reserving 2nd Floor Conference/Focus Rooms in TSB

In this tip for using the University Collaboration Suite (UCS), we will clarify the process of reserving conference/focus rooms on the 2nd floor of the Technology Support Building (TSB). Following these steps will alleviate such issues as dual reservations for the same room and time slot (leading to only one of the meetings showing up on the room’s calendar). UCS’s Location option has a glitch that has caused many dual reservations, so please adhere carefully to this process to avoid future issues.

To make room reservations consistent and efficient:

  • Do not reserve the location through the conference/focus room calendar.
  • Do reserve through your calendar, via your appointment invite.

There are three ways to bring up a New Appointment window in UCS:

  1. Within your calendar, click on the preferred date and time. This will activate a QuickAdd Appointment window. Click the More Details button in this window to bring up the full Appointment tab.
  2. Under the Calendar tab, click on New Appointment.
  3. Under the Mail tab. At the top left menu item New Message, click the down arrow to the right of New Message. In the dropdown menu that appears, click on Appointment.

The second and third way of creating a new appointment will activate the full Appointment tab.

When creating the meeting in UCS, the appointment must include the following information:

  • Subject
  • Attendees
  • Location (Due to a UCS glitch, you must be tabbed out of the Location field for the room to be saved, so make sure before sending that your cursor is not in the Location field.)
  • Start/End Date and Time
  • The following notes should be added to the body field for attendees to read:
    • Complete list of attendees names
    • Meeting agenda (if available)
    • Special equipment needs (i.e., PolyCom, digital projection, whiteboard, etc.)
    • Date and document any changes made to the scheduled meeting

Finally, we would like to emphasize some good meeting room etiquette:

  • We have a limited amount of large conference rooms, so always reserve the appropriately-sized room based on the number of attendees and/or equipment needed
  • Cancel your conference/focus room reservation if it is no longer needed
  • End meetings on time, in case the room is booked after your meeting
  • If a prior meeting has not ended on time, knock quietly and ask if they are going to end soon
  • Do not assume a conference/focus room is available if the room is empty, ask an Administrative Support Assistant to confirm room availability
  • Please tidy up (i.e., erase white boards/glass, replace cables, remove trash, reset furniture, etc.)
  • Be courteous of others in the vicinity of your meeting room – sound carries easily beyond the glass walls, so please keep voices, including phone-ins, to a conversational volume. Be cognizant that someone is most likely trying to work in his or her office directly next to your meeting room.

If you have any questions or need assistance in setting up a meeting and reserving a conference/focus room, please contact a 2nd floor Administrative Support Assistant.

We hope this UCS tip will prove helpful in avoiding overlapped room reservations. Thanks for reading!