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Job Card Format - Production Jobs



* MANUAL 3 - TECHNICAL STANDARDS                                 *        

* SECTION 1.01 -                                                 *        

*             JCL - JOB CARD FORMAT - PRODUCTION JOBS            *        

*                                        REVISION DATE  05/19/06 *        




     This section provides Administrative Information Services standards for

     the format of the JCL JOB statement when used in production jobs.            


 I.   REQUIREMENTS:                                                           

     A.  Jobname -                                                             

           The JOB statement Jobname should be the same as the                

           production job/procedure identification (e.g., ZA0101).


              Reference Job Naming Conventions Standard SA3511




      //ZA0101   JOB 0999,'DAILY ROSCOE BACKUP ',MSGCLASS=U,CLASS=A           


           If the procedure must be separated into multiple jobs              

           for operational purposes, a suffix should be added to              

           the Jobname of each job to indicate that it is one                 

           of several jobs comprising the associated procedure.               


           For example, if procedure ZA0101 must be separated                 

           into two jobs, the Jobnames would be ZA0101A and                   



     B.  Programmer-Name -                                                    

           The JOB statement Programmer-Name field should convey              

           some meaning such as the function of the job.  It                  

           should be an abbreviated description of the process,             

           enclosed in single quotes (e.g., 'DAILY ROSCOE BACKUP').           


 II.  FORMAT:  (A fixed format is being used to facilitate the use            

                of cross-reference tools)                                     

           Col 1-2      //                                                    

           Col 3-10     jobname/computer production job identification             

                          (see requirements in I.A. above)                   

           Col 11       blank                                                 

           Col 12-14    JOB                                                    

           Col 15       blank                                                 

           Col 16-19    4-digit account number (first digit 0)   

                 Reference Standard SA2101  Assignment of Job Numbers         


           Col 20       ,   (comma)                                                  

           Col 21       '    (single quote)                                                 

           Col 22-41    programmer-name field  (see requirements in I.B. above)                     

           Col 42       '   (single quote)                                                  

           Col 43       ,    (comma)                                                 

           Col 44-52    MSGCLASS=                                             

           Col 53       output class

             JOB MSGCLASS Parameter:

             The MSGCLASS parameter specifies the output class to

             which system messages (JESMSGLG,JESJCL,JESYSMSG) for the job

             are to be written.  This should not be confused with

             the DD SYSOUT parameter which is used for output.


             The following MSGCLASS classes are the only ones

             currently honored at A.I.S.:

                  X - HELD output for TSO or ROSCOE viewing – output

                      automatically deleted after 2 calendar days.

                  Y - Production JCL only. Reserved for Production

                      Control use only. Output will not be printed.

                      It is offloaded to tape and retained one week.

                  Z - Spooled output that will be discarded upon

                      completion of job (i.e., never printed)


           Col 54       , (comma)                                                    

           Col 55-60    CLASS=                                                

           Col 61       job class 

                        reference Standard SA3104 Job Classes



           If any additional parameters are needed, a comma should            

           be entered in column 62.  The additional parameters should         

           be entered on the next jcl statement.  The parameters should       

           start in column 12.       




      //ZA0101   JOB 0999,'DAILY ROSCOE BACKUP ',MSGCLASS=U,CLASS=A,          

      //         TYPRUN=HOLD                                                   



           For a complete description of the format of the JOB                

           statement and related parameters, refer to the IBM                 

           OS/VS2 MVS JCL Manual.