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Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

TSM is a remote file backup service for files on a server, workstation or personal computer of Penn State faculty or staff. The backed-up data remains available in the event of component failure, accidental deletion, file corruption, or other types of damage sustained to the original file.

Service Rates

Storage space is available at $0.02/GB/month.

TSM is billed based on the storage amount used by each client system on the TSM server.

Each client system will have two full copies of backed-up data stored on the server; a primary copy and a secondary, "off-site" copy.  However, billing reflects only the amount used in storing the primary copy.

Obtaining Access

To request TSM service, users must submit the TSM Authorization Form, in addition to having an ITS Charge Account. Applications are to be sent to the appropriate Dean's office as well as the Computer Accounts Office (204 Wagner Building). Requested TSM service will expire on the termination date specified in the application. All usage on the authorized account will be billed on a monthly basis. Existing TSM subscibers or supervisors can request additional nodes by contacting the Computer Accounts Office through Users should include the requested node name, existing charge account number, and the list of Access Account user IDs permitted to reset the node password when requesting additional space.

After confirmation of TSM node creation, a password must be established through the PSU Portal in order to access the TSM server. TSM clients can be found under "file backup" at ITS Downloads.

An ITS Charge Account can be created by submitting the ITS For-Fee Services Request Form to the Computer Accounts Office.

TSM Authorization Form

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Help & Support

When performing a backup, data will get classified in either an 'active' or 'inactive' categorization, and the number of active and inactive files is determined by the management class. The default TSM management class here at Penn State is configured so you will have at most 1 active file and 3 inactive files stored on the server. An active file is from the most recent backup performed, whereas inactive files are from a prior backup, which were once classified as active, but then changed prior to an additional backup. The time span active and inactive files are present will vary according to the frequency of your backups. For instance, if a file is updated and backed up 5 times in one day, the 4 newest backups will remain within TSM as 1 active file and 3 inactive files. The inactive versions can be retrieved if necessary through the TSM client.

Because of how the server treats active and inactive files, it is possible to have much more data on the server than you might originally have on the node you are backing up. This is dependent on how often the files change on the client, and the frequency of the backups.

Archiving stores your files within the same system, but categorizes them in a different manner. Upon choosing the 'archive' option, the file or files to be archived will always be kept in their current state. Newly created archives do not affect pre-existing archives, therefore, once created they will remain until manually deleted by the user. It is possible to have an unlimited number of archives as they are manually managed by the user, not the server.

TSM allows automatic scheduled backup of your files at a defined time. Since automatic backups require additional configuration, please contact to request association with a schedule. When requesting an association with a schedule, please include your node name, time to back up, and frequency (daily, weekly, etc.) which you would like the automatic backups to take place. Please note that automatic backups will not run without first corresponding with us.

Service Deactivation

TSM services may be deleted in part or in their entirety from an ITS Charge Account using the TSM Deletion Form below. Due to the vital nature of computer backups, TSM services will be billed to ITS Charge Accounts beyond their expiration date until explicitly cancelled using the TSM Deletion Form below. If you have questions or need assistance with the application form, contact the ITS Computer Accounts Office via e-mail at or by phone at 814-865-4772.

TSM Deletion Form

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