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Integrated Business Information System (IBIS)

IBIS is the electronic business system used at Penn State, composed of a variety of business applications and systems to provide financial and human resource information. The goal of IBIS is to provide users with the data and tools needed to make complex business decisions.

By allowing financial and human resource information to be shared in a secured manner, IBIS saves time and resources within the work unit. Client server tools are available so that data can be retrieved, analyzed, and formatted to meet specific reporting needs.  

IBIS data and reports are accessible through the Data Warehouse, the mainframe (CCOM), and eDDS (Electronic Document Distribution System), which may require individual access accounts and procedures.

General Information

Hours of Availability

IBIS is available 7 days per week, from 7 a.m. through 3 a.m.

Browser Compatibility

AIS will support all Web browsers that our users/customers decide to use which are shown to have a statistically significant level of usage among users of a given application. As such, the following browsers have been fully tested and validated.

Internet Explorer 4.0 and above

Some parts of WebIBIS are written in a programming language called Java. Currently the Macintosh operating system will not run this Java code as written; however, the software package called VirtualPC can correct this problem. This product may be purchased from the Computer Store.

Obtaining Access

  1. Contact the Access and Security Representative(ASR) within your unit. 
  2. Your ASR will determine if you should have access to the Integrated Business Information System (CCOM).
  3. Upon that determination, the ASR will fill out and submit the Systems Access form requesting to have you added as a user. Send questions pertaining to the form to AIS Support.

IBIS data and/or reports may be accessed via the Data Warehouse, the mainframe (CCOM), and eDDS (Electronic Document Distribution System), and may require individual access accounts and procedures.

Help & Support

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