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Electronic Document Distribution System (eDDS)

eDDS is a tool that enables users to access and view reports through the Web. Reports can be viewed with a Web browser, Adobe Acrobat, text editor, or a word processor and can be saved, edited, or printed locally. Benefits include lower paper costs, less paper use, reduction in manual distribution of reports, and quicker distribution.

If you’ve already obtained access, you may login to eDDS V10.

For requests other than obtaining access, you may submit a Request For Service.

General Information

Hours of Availability

eDDS is available 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.

Note: On occasion, server and/or database maintenance activities might interrupt this schedule.

Browser Compatibility

Note: Opera is not a supported browser.

Obtaining Access

In order to obtain access to eDDS, you must contact your Access and Security Representative (ASR) and indicate which reports you need access to. For further details on obtaining access to eDDS, please visit the link below.

Help & Support

Content Questions: eDDS Consultant | Support Questions: AIS Support
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