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The Document Management Service is a centralized service, offered by Penn State IT, which allows departments to manage the electronic storage, retrieval and disposal of documents. Use of the service can help to ensure privacy of records while preventing data loss and redundancy. The service also provides business process management and workflow functionality which allows departments to efficiently retrieve, collect and share documents, enabling them to improve productivity and reduce operational expenses.

If you have an existing account with the Document Management service, you may login here.

Getting Started

Before getting started with the Document Management service, there are various questions that must be considered. Once the following questions have been answered, please go to the Help and Support section below to submit a request to the Document Management team.

  • What documents will be stored in the system?
  • Who will scan and index the documents into the system?
  • Who should have access to the system?
  • What kind of filing structure should be used?
  • What search criteria will be used to find the documents?
    (i.e. PSUID number, PCARD number, Invoice number, User ID, etc.)
  • Is it best to start with the current date and time or should backlogs be considered?
  • Do you have a workstation, scanner, or multifunction printer available that can be used for this process?


Users of the service are responsible for making decisions on how to structure the filing system, providing a proper workstation, scanner, and the necessary staff for the scanning and indexing process, and providing retention schedules for the documents being stored.


Our Document Management service provides various advantages to those using the service, including:

  • Enhances business processes
  • Reduces paper storage requirements
  • Decreases operational expenses
  • Secure Web browser access for retrieval of documents
  • Eliminates loss of documents
  • Facilitates efficient document sharing
  • Manages document retention schedules

As a part of our Document Management service, Penn State IT provides:

  • Complete server infrastructure with security, back-ups, and storage
  • Three implementation phases including test, acceptance, and production, which provides the opportunity to make changes as the user works through system setup
  • Installation and configuration of Optical Image Technology, Inc. software, which is covered under the Penn State site license
  • Training, support, and consulting

At this time, this service is provided to you at no charge.  Your cost will include the purchase of your own scanning station and the time commitment for filing your documents in the system.

Documentation & Resources

DocFinity User Guides
Current Usage
Request Fulfillment User Guide

Help & Support

If you need technical support, or would like to schedule an initial consultation meeting with the Document Management team, please submit a request through Service Now.