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November 2011

From the Director

Ron Rash, AIS Senior Director

As I mentioned in last year's related newsletter, "Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning (DR/BCP): You can't live with it, and you can't live without it!"

How can you help multiple Penn State departments, units, and colleges spread across this great Commonwealth develop recovery plans for, and be able to provide continuity of, their various academic and administrative services and processes? It's not easy, but we are trying--and succeeding. Penn State's active involvement in the Kuali Foundation's higher education community Solution as a Service (SaaS) Kuali Ready offering has been just the right tool for the University to embrace and use.

Similarly, no one ever told us that it would be easy to develop and maintain a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for a major data center. It isn’t, but we do it, and we actually have to do it for two physical data centers that provide facilities for Administrative Information Services (AIS) IT infrastructure: Shields Building and the Computer Building.

Read the feature stories below to find out more about our local and focused effort to have AIS "prepared for the worst” and how we support business continuity planning University-wide.

Feature Stories

AIS Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning Services

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning are services that AIS provides to other units at Penn State.

For details, including information on Penn State Ready and the creation of plans for non-University Park campuses, click on the "Read More" link below.

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AIS Internal Business Continuity Planning

In addition to services provided to other units, AIS itself needs to have Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning.

Click on the "Read More" link below for the latest on this effort within the department.

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Personnel Notes

New Employees

Brian GillBrian Gill, Programmer/Analyst in Student Information Systems Development Team, started on October 3, 2011. Welcome, Brian!