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January 2012

From the Director

Ron Rash, AIS Senior Director

What is middleware in the middle of? Every IT person has an answer to that question; unfortunately, most of them are different.

Within Administrative Information Services (AIS), we have discussed, for many, many years, the definition of middleware and have tried to implement a reasonable organizational structure to logically implement the concept. The visualization we have settled on is the concept of “operating systems facing middleware” and “application facing middleware."

We manage the various supported operating systems and database management systems as “operating systems facing middleware.” These software items are very closely aligned with either the server/storage hardware provider or strong business partner relationships with hardware providers. These items include Z/OS, Z/VM, Z/Linux, WinOS, VMWare/ESX, ADABAS, DB/2, SQL, Oracle DBMS, and the various system-provided features, such as programming languages and related support.

The “application facing middleware” in AIS, either vendor-provided or locally developed, is managed by our Integration Architecture & Programming Group. Read the feature story (below) to learn more about this group's mission and functions.

Feature Stories

The Integration Architecture & Programming Group

The Integration Architecture & Programming group (IAP) is a system programming, middleware, and integration team with the responsibility of providing the application development infrastructure to support the development teams within AIS, as well as from partner offices.

For more on this important group, click on the "Read More" link below.

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Personnel Notes


Melissa Coudriet's last day in the Business Intelligence group was on December 22. Best wishes, Melissa!