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AIS Newsletter

Issue: May 2008

Web & Communication Services

AIS Website Redesign Survey - We Need Your Help!
As AIS prepares to redesign the Administrative Information Services (AIS) website, we would like to gather as much input and feedback from the users of our site as possible.
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AIS Open Forum

The AIS Open Forum is a grassroots initiative that was started by AIS staff members. Informal, weekly meetings serve as a forum to encourage and facilitate dialog about work-related technologies and issues.

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AIS Education & Training Update

View the schedule of upcoming courses in Administrative Computing and see what other personal and professional development training opportunities are available at Penn State.
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Did You Know?

New VoIP Call Trace Availability
Call Trace capability has been added to the University Park VoIP telephone system.
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Feature Story

EASY Re-engineering Project:  Transforming the Way We Do Business
EASY re-engineering is an initiative to improve the management of business processes...

MidTier Infrastructure (MTI)
It has been an extremely busy year with developments in several of our major application areas...

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Personnel Notes

There are no new Personnel Updates at this time.