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AIS Newsletter

Issue: March 2008

Web & Communication Services

Women's Leadership Conference 2008
Learning how to juggle work and life's demands is an art. And to accomplish this with grace and charm, only a superwoman can do that...
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AIS Open Forum

The AIS Open Forum is a grassroots initiative that was started by AIS staff members. Informal, weekly meetings serve as a forum to encourage and facilitate dialog about work-related technologies and issues.

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AIS Education & Training Update

View the schedule of upcoming courses in Administrative Computing and see what other personal and professional development training opportunities are available at Penn State.

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Did You Know?

Results of AIS Photo Contest!
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then some AIS employees have many stories to tell...
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Ron Rash

From The Director

Pass the Java, and the Buck..........A couple of interesting features in this Newsletter!
Our Systems Development Modernization (SDM) Program had its beginnings in the AIS Strategic Plan of 2004 - four years ago.  The intent of the program was to re-tool our administrative development infrastructure and more importantly, re-tool the Penn State staff members who spend their time building and supporting our administrative systems. The AIS Open Standards Strategy was created to support this initiative and resulted in our commitment to use the JAVA development environment and JAVA computer language as the language of choice for the development of future administrative systems and services.
Passing the Buck....we realized that we needed to dramatically improve our interactions with executive leaders of key partner offices, such as the Bursar, Registrar, Controller, and such to ensure that we could make best use of the emerging SDM environment - especially as we begin to use this environment to support University-wide Business Process improvement/Workflow opportunities and requests.  And the Buck had to be passed to senior members of the University business/IT community in order for them to develop the relationship of trust and advocacy required to be of high value to the partner executives in their planning for future IT systems and services.
Read on about our SDM Program and the development of a set of Senior Business Analysts within ITS to bridge the gap between our central IT organization and the partner offices we serve.

- Ron

Feature Story

System Development Modernization Update --- Pass the Java…
The re-training and re-tooling phase of the Systems Development Modernization effort began in earnest on March 3rd...

Senior Business Analysts
It was just about a year ago that AIS assigned three Senior Business Analysts to help plan and coordinate the Information Systems...

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Personnel Notes

Craig Burke has accepted a position outside of the University.  Craig's last day was 2/20/2008.

New Employees
2 IST interns recently began working for the Project Management Office:  Anna Stoltz and Zac Ringel.

Jan Grasser began in AIS on March 3, 2008.  Jan has accepted the position of Senior Business Analyst.  Welcome Jan!

Marta Miguel (Business Intelligence) was recently upgraded from an IT Manager, Level 2 to an IT Manager, Level 3.  Congratulations Marta!!

Deb Brooks was recently upgraded to a Staff Assistant VII position. Congratulations Deb!!

Todd Litzinger's (Business Operations) position was recently reclassified to IT Manager, Level 3.  Congratulations Todd!!

Kathy DeMartino's (Open Standards Development) position was recently reclassified to IT Manager, Level 2.  Congratulations Kathy!!

Steve Savard's (Business Information Systems Development) position was recently reclassified to IT Manager, Level 2.  Congratulations Steve!!