The Pennsylvania State University - Administrative Information Services, a unit of Information Technology Services

About Us

Administrative Information Services (AIS) provides the University with the tools needed to run its business, including conducting commerce, providing customer service, and supporting research, teaching, and outreach.

We offer a variety of services, such as creating and maintaining databases that house administrative information, developing applications that allow University faculty and staff to have access to this information in a secure, electronic fashion, and providing tools and training to our community developers.

The AIS Web site is not only a resource for those who use our services, but it’s also a resource for programmers, developers, and partner offices.

Organizational Purpose

In order to reach its goal of serving the University, AIS has developed a vision statement and mission statement. To find out more about the purpose of AIS as an organization, please visit the Organizational Purpose page.

Organizational Structure

Get an overview of our organization by viewing the AIS organizational chart. The chart outlines the structure of AIS and provides more information about each individual work unit. To learn more about how AIS is organized, please take a moment to review the organizational chart.

Planning & Documentation

In order to fulfill its daily mission and effectively plan for the future, AIS documents its Annual Reports, Strategic Plans, Master Plan, and Future Direction. To learn more and read these documents, please visit the Planning and Documentation page.

Reaching Out

AIS reaches out to fellow AIS staff, University staff, and the community through our monthly newsletter and writing tips. To stay in touch with the latest AIS news and notes, visit our Reaching Out page.