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A New Global Environment for Learning (ANGEL)


A digital classroom of sorts, ANGEL serves as Penn State's primary CMS. Heavily relied on by students and faculty, the resource extends learning beyond the classroom, housing course materials, exams, and grades, while also serving as a collaboration space.
Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

A compilation of institutional data for analytical and reporting purposes. Provides a snapshot of time-fixed data.


Provides secure, real-time access to academic and financial records within the University's administrative database. Utilized by students, faculty, and advisers.
Institutional Insight (iTwo)


iTwo is a web-based, metadata-driven data access, analysis, and distribution environment available to Penn State information users.
Penn State Access Account Storage Space (PASS)


Universally-accessible disk space and file storage for all Penn State users. Free space available for personal, department, and course use. Other options available.
University Collaboration Suite (UCS)


Through Zimbra, the e-mail and calendaring client is a collection of services and tools that support collaboration across multiple platforms. Features include file sharing, tasks, contacts, document management, and other electronic collaboration features.

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