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News UCS Tips UCS Tip – Setting E-mail and SMS Reminder Notifications - This tip will show you how you can set up e-mail and SMS reminder notifications for tasks and appointments.

News UCS Tips UCS Tip – Schedule E-mails to Be Sent Later - This tip will show you how you can schedule an e-mail message to be sent at a later date and time.

News AIS Website Change Upgrade to Impact the AIS Website on August 12-15 - Sites at Penn State, which provides the infrastructure for the AIS website, will be upgrading the service in order to expand theme and plug-in capabilities.

News UCS Tips UCS Tip – Creating Appointments with the Mini Calendar - This tip will show you a few methods for creating appointments using the mini calendar within UCS.

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  • Internet Border Router Testing and Troubleshooting August 24, 2016
    In response to, ITS and OIS will be doing testing and troubleshooting on Penn States Border routers that interface with various internet service providers to determine the root cause of yesterdays problems. On Thursday August 25th in the ITS maintenance window of 5AM to 7AM, internet services to all of Penn State, Penn State […]
  • Update: Webmail Service Degradation August 24, 2016
    Today at 1:14 p.m., Webmail was in a degraded state until around 1:29 p.m.
  • Update: Intermittant Connectivity Issues External Internet Sites August 24, 2016
    Penn State experiencing connectivity issues to external Internet sites This afternoon, August 23, students, faculty, and staff members at all Penn State campus locations experienced issues connecting to Internet sites external to the University. In addition, users outside of Penn State also experienced difficulty accessing certain Penn State sites, including the University’s main public-facing website, […]
  • Update: ANGEL and Canvas Switched to Alternate Authentication Method August 23, 2016
    Friends of Penn State (FPS) accounts are now working with both ANGEL and Canvas.
  • Update: WebAccess Experiencing Slowness August 23, 2016
    WebAccess, the University’s online single sign-on system, appears to be operating normally as of this morning, August 23. Technical teams are continuing to monitor systems and work through issues that occurred Monday, August 22. To ensure students, faculty, and staff members can continue to access Canvas and ANGEL, the two systems were removed from behind […]

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Allows for real-time communication, requiring only a Penn State Access Account and a local chat client configured to support Jabber.
Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

A compilation of institutional data for analytical and reporting purposes. Provides a snapshot of time-fixed data.
Document Imaging

Document Imaging

Allows departments to digitize and manage documents via the Optical Image Technology software suite.
Institutional Insight (iTwo)


iTwo is a web-based, metadata-driven data access, analysis, and distribution environment available to Penn State information users.
Penn State Access Account Storage Space (PASS)


Universally-accessible disk space and file storage for all Penn State users. Free space available for personal, department, and course use. Other options available.
University Collaboration Suite (UCS)


Through Zimbra, the e-mail and calendaring client is a collection of services and tools that support collaboration across multiple platforms. Features include file sharing, tasks, contacts, document management, and other electronic collaboration features.

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